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Entropion is a malalignment in which the lower eyelid folds inward. It can be caused by inflammations, scarring of the eyelid or nerve damage. It is very uncomfortable since the eyelashes constantly rub against the cornea causing irritations. A surgical removal of skin and muscle tissue or the use of temporary stiches to hold up the eyelid can correct the malposition.

An outward turning of the lower eyelid is called ectropion. It occures due to any weakening of tissue of the lower eyelid and causes chronic tearing and inflammations. The condition can be corrected surgically by removing tissue of the lower Eyelid to strengthen the eyelid edge.

A Dropping of the eyelid is also known as Ptosis. This malalignment can be inherited, but also caused by paralysis or eyelid muscle damage. A surgical operation can correct the malalignment. During a consultation in our practice we will find the surgical technique obtaining the best outcome.