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Tumor Diseases

Tumors in the eye can be bening, meaning non-cancerous, or malignant. They are possible to occur in all parts of the eye, in the eyelids as well as in the inside. The possible necessity of a surgical operation and other ways of treatment depend on the type, size and position of the tumor There are various ways of treatment like surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherap and, laser treatment.

Bening Tumors

Hordeolum (Stye)

Hordeolum, also known as stye, is a localized inflammation apperaing along the edge of the eyelid due to infections of the perpiratory glands. It appears as a small red lump developing into a little abscess. Usually no medical treatment is necessary, since the stye ruptures after a few days, drains and heals without further intervention.

A consulation is recommended if the inflammation spreads onto other parts of the eye e. g. the conjunctiva.


Papilloma is a medical term for a tumor of the skin, also occuring on the eyelids with finger-like projections. They are painless and can be removed surgically if necessary.

Malignant Tumors


Basalioma is a malignant damage and degeneration of skincells. Usually it occures on thin parts of the skin like the eyelid. Without producing metastasis it can be seriously dangerous since it deepens and causes damage to the deepest layers of skin. Therefore an early diagnosis and a surgical removal of Basalioma are urgent.