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Diagnosis and Treatment of Macular/Retinal Diseases

AMD (Age-related macular degeneration)

Age-related macular degeneration is a retinal disease occuring in older age. Patients notice a gradual loss of central vision, blurred vision or difficulties discerning colours.

There are two kinds of AMD. The dry AMD is characterised by precipitates in the retina where as in the wet AMD the retina is  percolated by liquids. Intravitreal injections or laser therapy are ways of treatment.

Diabetic Retinopathy

The diabetic retinopathy is a retinal disease caused by diabetis mellitus. For diabetics it is recommended to have an annual preventive check-up. This allows early therapeutic treatment (e.g. retinal laser terapy) if necessary.

There are two types, proliferative retinopathy and nonproliferative retinopathy. The proliferative retinopathy is the type where blood vessels proliferate (i.e. Grow) into the eye causing bleedings which can lead to vision loss.

The diabetic macular oedema is treated like AMD by applying intravitreal injections.

Retinal Detachment

Due to holes and and chaps in the retina there is a risk for the retina to peel away from the underlying layer of support tissue. This is a medical emergency since it leads to vision loss. Symptoms are a sudden decline of vision, flasches and blurred vision.


Glaucoma is an eye disease in which, due to increased intraocular pressure the optic nerve is damaged in a chracteristic pattern. This my cause vision loss and can be treated by different laser theraphies.


Cataract, is an opacity of the lens, which can cause an increase of lightsensitivity and vision loss. In most cases it is age-related, rather seldom it can be caused by injuries, and chronic inflammations. Patients often describe it as a blurred vision, like looking at things through a thin curtain.

Cataract can be cured by a surgery.